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At Bloom Church "Every Person Matters" and that include our children. They matter to God and to us so we believe its important to dedicate our children to God.

What is a Child Dedication?
This special service permits parents to publicly present their children to God and to make a commitment to bring their children up in a Christ-centered home. At Bloom Church, Child Dedication takes place during our Sunday Experience. Fill out the form below to schedule a dedication for your child.

What does it signify?
It is an act of dedication by the parents, making a spiritual commitment to God concerning the upbringing of their child. This commitment involves a lifestyle of praying for the child, teaching from God’s Word and leading them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.

How is this different from baptism?
Dedication is not infant baptism. It does not indicate or assure salvation. At Bloom, we believe that every person must exercise personal faith in Christ. For an in-depth explanation of baptism at Bloom Church, contact our pastor. More information is also available on the Baptism link on this website.

Where in Scripture is there a precedent for dedication of a child?
Hannah presented her son, Samuel, to the Lord in Shiloh (1 Sam. 1:11). Jesus was also dedicated to God (Luke 2:22) and He allowed little children to come to Him for His blessing (Matt. 19:13-15).

Anything special you would like included in the dedication?

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